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Retail bottle is $6.99 Commercial Customers :
This 4 oz bottle can shine up to 32 rims!
Yes, It can shine up to 32 wheels.
If you have 30 seconds then get a great shine.
It’s time to buy Rim-Ice…
Please contact the Account Manager
Adam Gordon at 404-931-4050 to place an order
or request more information.

People prefer this type of application over any other method for reducing brake dust. You can sell this product individually or include it in a package when someone buys rims and tires, or a car. You’ll get a full display kit (shown below) to make shelving it convenient. People love this because it really works!

Customers don’t have to use those grime removers, and still scrub their wheels to get their wheels clean once they use this product. It cleans, coats, and protects-repelling dust, dirt, and grim so their wheels stay cleaner longer and are easy to clean when they do get dirty.

For distribution questions and wholesale prices, please contact Customer Service at sales@rim-ice.com


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