How It Works


As your wheels turn a magnetic field is generated that holds unwanted black brake dust on your rims. Rim-Ice reduces this charge and coats with a NO stick protective coating keeping the dust and road dirt from sticking to your wheels.

Car Dealers and stores in Atlanta area with RimIce :

  • BMW, Volvo, Nissan, Mini Cooper.
  • Napa Auto parts, Amoco, BP, Texaco, Chevron, Goodyear.

This 4 oz bottle can provide up to 32 applications
Yes, It can shine up to 32 wheels.
If you have 30 seconds then get a great shine.
It’s time to buy Rim-Ice…

Rim-Ice reduces brake dust without…

  • Hiding shiny show calipers or slotted, vented chrome rotors.
  • Involving Installation Cost
  • Rim-Ice has a simple application
  • Rim-Ice is much much less expensive