About Us

Rim-Ice is a new product developed by veteran engineer, Mark G. Like you, He also was tired of dealing with layers of brake dust on his wheels. Mark, took action with his vision of creating a product that would drastically reduce brake dust while still remaining environmentally safe.

After extensive hard work and testing, Rim-Ice was born. Rim-Ice is the first, spray on and is currently the easiest to apply product that reduces brake dust and keeps rims clean. It’s non-toxic, inexpensive, long lasting, requires no alterations to your vehicle as brake dust covers require, and best of all …..IT REALLY WORKS.

Attention Retailers!

Rim-Ice is a new product with explosive growth with…

  • Automobile dealerships,
  • People who own chrome wheels,
  • Businesses selling car care,
  • Detail shops
  • Rim and Tire retailers
  • Rim and Tire Wholesalers
  • Rim and Tire Distributors

You can lock in on a great opportunity. There is zero competition. The only other product that comes close to reducing brake dust is a brake dust cover.